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The John Gabriel brand is characterized by creative design, premium quality and reliability, furthermore the more than 10 years of artisan design and manufacturing experience.

The premium quality is based on the personally discovered, specially selected raw materials that the company buys exclusively from Italian and Spanish suppliers.

The leather is selected personally for processing in Italian leather and Spanish textile factories, the metal raw materials and other accessories are also matched to the needs of our suppliers.

The LeatherOne brand consists of five groups:
Classic Line
     products include conservative and elegant product line;
The Fashion Leather Line Group
     combines high craft quality and the latest fashion trends in a unique way;
The Spanish Textile and Leather Line Group
     provides unique products;
Syntethic Line
     embodies the fantastic world of ever-expanding synthetic materials;
Finally, the Syntethic and Leather Line
     offers a feeling of uniqueness.

Thus, ranging from products for everyday business and classic use to youthful and dynamically changing fashion trends, the product range of the John Gabriel brand includes products suitable for everyone.

The products are very competitive in price which are built in our factory in the middle of Europe.

The entire design and production process are carried by the specialists of Tradition Manufaktúra Ltd. The design team of the John Gabriel brand has already achieved great success in the market. Customization, tailoring, punching, sewing, wind-sewing, gluing, inspection and packaging are also carried out at our factory in Szolnok.

Most of the production phases are handmade, but where automatization is inevitable, the person responsible for the leatherwork is personally looks after the process.

On that way, we ensure the product’s craftsmanship, high quality and long-term durability.

John Gabriel is a brand of premium quality small leather products made from genuine leather materials and made from genuine leather combined with synthetic materials that runs under the name of LeatherOne.

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